Your Velvet Betty Event

Velvet Betty adds that unique Vintage Bar touch to ensure your event is one that people will joyfully reflect upon for years to come!

Styling can be extended to include a range of additional items that will create the prefect whimsical style to transport your guests to a time of carefree happiness. We are happy to collaborate and partner with event planners, stylists or artists to allow you to relax and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your event.

For event ideas and suggestions, please refer to the list below… although keep in mind that the possibilities are endless. Velvet Betty can be transformed to seamlessly fit with your own personal style – from just a touch of vintage to more elaborate styling. The choice is yours.

So how does Velvet Betty work?

Velvet Betty will be your own personal bar! Provided we can get her in to your location, whether a backyard, vacant lot (privately owned of course), local park (with Council permission), field, private licensed venue, private unlicensed venue… the list goes on… then Velvet Betty can operate.

She comes with her own built in fridges, ice chests, ice, commercial coffee machine, coffee consumables if desired, vintage props, drink ware as well as RSA qualified bar staff and trained baristas. All we really require is access to power, however in circumstances where this is not possible, we can even provide that too. Then all you have to do is provide whatever it is you would like us to serve. It’s as simple as that!

Throughout your event we will provide your guests with that touch of vintage and professional bar service that will get them talking. By the way, our coffee is also of the highest quality and will be sure to impress! We choose locally roasted beans that guarantee their freshness and our staff are trained to provide a high standard cafe style coffee.

For more information, head over to our FAQ page or contact us on either 041 888 2380 (Zalia) or 0431 001 752 (Shannon). We love to chat about Velvet Betty and what she can do for you!